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MEAT: Dried Meat, Jerky, Pemmican, Sausages

FAT: Cosmetic Aids, Filled Pipe Sealer, Hair Grease, Soaps, Tallow

HAIR: Bracelets, Braided Ropes, Doll Stuffing, Hair Pieces, Headdresses, Horse Halters, Medicine Balls, Moccasin Lining, Ornaments, Pad Fillers, Pillow Fillers

HORNS: Arrow Points, Bowls, Cupos, Fire Carrier, Haddresses, Ladles, Medication, Ornaments, Powderhorn, Signals, Spoons,Toys

BONES: Arrowheads, Awls, Eating Utensils, Fleshing Tools, Game Dice, Jewelry, Knives, Painting tools, Pipes, Quirts, Saddle Trees, Scrapers, Shovels, Sleds, Splints, Toys, War Clubs

TANNED HIDE: Backrests, Bags, Beds, Belts, Blankets, Bridles, Caps, Cradles, Dolls, Dresses, Leggings,Mittens, Moccasin Tops, Pillows, Pouches, Ropes, Shirts, Sweatlodge Covers, Tapestries, Tipi Covers and Liners, WInter Robes

SKULL: Alter, Dehairing Tool, Sun Dance

BEARD: Ornaments

BRAINS: Food, Hide Preparation

TEETH: Ornaments

TONGUE: Choice Meat, Comb (Rough Side)

RAWHIDE: "Parfleche", Buckets, Bull Bats, Caps, Cinches, Containers, Drums, Horse-water Troughs, Lariats, Masks, Moccasin Soles, Ornaments, Quivers, Rafts, Rattles, Ropes, Saddles, Sheaths, Shields, Shrouds, Snowshoes, Splints, Stirrups, Straps, Trunks

SCROTUM: Containers, Rattles

STOMACH CONTENTS: Medicines, Paints

PAUNCH LINER: Basins, Buckets, Canteens, Colapsible Cups, Wrappings (Meat)

TAIL: Decorations, Fly Brush, Knife Sheaths, Medicine Switch, Whips

BLADDER: Food Pouches, Medicine Bags, Water Container, Quill Pouches

DUNG: Diaper Powder, Fuel

LIVER: Food, Tanning Agent

GALL: Yellow Paints

HIDE LEG SKIN: Preshaped Moccasin

TENDONS and MUSCLES: Arrow Ties, Bowstrings, Cinches, Glue Preparation, Sinews - Sewing

HOOFS and DEWCLAWS: Containers, Glue, Rattles, Spoons, Wind Chimes

FOOT BONES: Teething Toys, Toy Horses


BISON LATIFONS: Pre 10, 000 BC, Weight 4,000 lbs, Size of an Indian Elephant, Horn Spread 14 feet, Running Speed 40 mph, Roamed throughout most of the eastern, central, southern, and portions of western North America

BISON ANTIQUITUS: 10, 000 BC, Weight 2,600 lbs, One third larger than modern Bison, Horn Spread 3 feet, Running Speed 46 mph estimated

BISON BISON MODERN: Present Time, Weight: Female 1100 lbs, Male 2,000 lbs., Horn Spread 2 feet, Running Speed 30 mph


BiSON POPULATION 1500's: 70,000,000


BISON ASSAULT 1830: Mass Destruction Begins

BISON EXTINCTION 1840: West of Rocky Mountains

BISON 1844: 75,000 Bison Robes Sold

BISON 1870 - 1891: Bones of 31,000,000 Bison Collected and Sold

BISON POPULATION 1906: Only 1,000 Remain

PRESENT BISON POPULATION: 500,000 Most with Cattle Genes, 12,000 to 15,000 Pure Bison

"A Buffalo dead is an American Indian gone. Over sixty million Buffalo and two million Elk were destroyed by 1899 to drive the Indians from the plains. "



"From Wakan-Tanka, the Great Mystery, comes all power. It is from Wakan-Tanka that the holy man has wisdom and the power to heal and to make holy charms. Man knows that all healing plants are given by Wakan-Tanka; therefore they are holy. So too is the buffalo holy because it is a gift from Wakan-Tanka."

Flat-Iron (Maza Blaska)
Oglala Sioux Chief
late 19th century.

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