Giving Back to Wounded Knee Foundation



December 2009:We sent $5000.00 worth of Christmas Holiday Party gift bags for the children of Wounded Knee (300 bags) were stuffed with candy, cameras, art supplies, jewelry, candy canes, chocolates, pencils, new mittens and gloves and hats and lots of other goodies for the kids. The freight on these 23 large freight boxes was nearly $1,000.00.

Thanksgiving, 2009: Gift- Wrapped and sent hundreds of pieces of estate jewelry in the way of necklaces, earrings, watches, brooches, bracelets, pins for the ladies on Pine Ridge and Rosebud so they had some new "bling" to wear for the holidays!

July, 2009: Freighted and hauled 6,000 items to the Rosebud Reservation for a Grand Give-Away. We specialized in items for winter warmth with our emphasis on the elderly, disabled, war veterans, and mothers with children. We had over 1300 items for infants and toddlers. We took strollers, cradles, baby-walkers, toys, stuffed animals, as well as 150 new pairs of wool mittens and gloves and hats for cold weather. We also took heaters, blankets, robes, socks, coats and jackets, afghans and shawls, and household goods.

We continued to freight goods, supplies, and items to Pine Ridge and Rosebud after the Grand Give-Away and continued to buy brand new Amish Heat Surge Heaters, of which 30 were delivered to the community of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge, and 32 were delivered to Rosebud. We decided that the Amish Heat Surge Heaters would be our main thrust of action for our foundation -- delivering HEAT to those who live in drafty residences and try to survive the horrendous high plains winter storms.

April, 2009: The prizes were mailed out to the school principals to distribute to the children's teachers to distribute to the art contest winners in their classrooms. Plans were to have a first place, second place, and third place, but the art from the children was so creative and awesome, we sent out twelve awards and personal letters to the children. All of the awards were art supplies of many kinds.

January, 2009: Held Art Fair Competition with the elementary and middle schools on both Rosebud and Pine Ridge. Children submitted their creative artwork and we awarded 12 beautiful prizes to the winners ~ art supplies, construction and art paper, super gigantic boxes of Crayolas, magic markers, paint sets, books on art, chalk sets, finger paints and much paper ~ pens, pencils, drawing materials, etc. We even had a "winner" from Winner, Elementary School!

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