Giving Back to Wounded Knee Foundation



In short, it was the most successful Give Away we have ever had ~ it was indeed “GRAND”! Our Board of Directors gives great thanks to Pat Riegel, Randy Morris and Brittany Campbell from the First Assembly of God Church in Kalamazoo, and Ms. Joanna White Bark from Sandwich, Illinois. All selflessly donated their time and HARD WORK in our setup on October 5, along with Sharon Swift on the Rosebud, and Teddie Rae (Herman) Rogers and her husband, Stan, and to all of the rest of the small army of those from the Rosebud who assisted us with keys to open doors and turn on lights at the Veteran’s Gymnasium, swing the bleachers around to be used as shelving, and who helped oversee the function for their people on the Rosebud. Many thanks as well to Rosebud Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Richard Bad Milk, and Rosebud Sioux Tribe President, Mr. Cyril Scott, and so many others whom we met and helped us tremendously seeing to our every need.

It is hard to list all of the beautiful things we had to carry out to Rosebud by truck and trailer to give to the people of the Rosebud Tribe. BUT, among these were:

  • Hundreds upon hundreds of hand knit wool caps, ear protectors, mittens, and neck scarves, (literally huge leaf bags full of these items)
  • Shoes, socks, underclothing, shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts, coats, lined raincoats, and suits,
  • Hundreds of infant and baby wear items, and baby blankets,
  • Toys and books for all ages of children, along with games and puzzles,
  • CD’s and DVD’s of history of the Sioux Peoples and Great Chiefs,
  • school supplies donated by retiring teachers, all manner of notebooks, paper, scissors, crayons, pens, pencils, and on and on

Thanks to the contributions of so many people, we were able to purchase or have donated by very generous donors, wonderful sleeping bags, extra warm for the frigid South Dakota winters on the high plains. We had literally hundreds of sleeping bags which were raffled off to the crowd by Mr. Dave Riegel.


We had TV’s, firepits, toasters, christmas trees and hundreds of beautiful ornaments, flannel sheet sets, sheet sets for both queen and twin beds, comforters, over 100 blankets, afghans, quilts, throws, shawls,bedspreads, good mattress pads and again more comforters stacked pile high.

We made use of all of the bleachers in the gymnasium as shelves on both sides of the gymnasium and not a square inch of any of them was spared because of all of your beautiful contributions and selfless generosity.

We had stacks and stacks of tee shirts, denim blue jeans of all sizes, men’s and women’s clothing, clothing for teens and little tots. Among these were snowsuits for children and winter jackets and coats for all ages, all in fabulous condition. Mrs. Karen Southland donated dozens of Kika Paprika women’s wear from her fabulous collection of natural clothing made in California. I have several pieces of her clothing and of all things, they are made from re-cycled plastic bottles, and however they do it, these pieces are among some of the prettiest and soft pieces you could ever wear. They are beautiful. And of course, they, being in packages, were quickly snatched up by the ladies!

We also had more chairs donated by the Comfort Inn in Plainwell and many fine pieces of clothing donated by Stadium and Washwell Cleaners in Plainwell and Kalamazoo, already dry cleaned and given to us to take to South Dakota. These particular beautiful and cleaned items were those which for some reason, were never picked up, after hanging at the cleaners in their garment bags, for a year. We were the lucky recipients of their generosity again this year.

We also had boxes of hygiene lotions, toothpaste, toothbrushes in packages, shampoo and conditioner, and aspirin and cough medicine from generous traveling contributors who emptied their collections by giving them to us to take to South Dakota.

And we had over hundreds and hundreds of new teddy bears, many of them donated by Michigan State University on a “Teddy Bear Drive” directed by Mr. Mark Terman, Vice President of Principle Gifts and his entire department pitched in! Every child who attended was given a precious new little bear, of which came in many sizes as did the children.

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