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ARMADILLO: Gentle, quiet reserve, solitude

BADGER: Agressiveness, persistance

BEAR: Guardian fetish, healing fetish,protection

BEAVER: Industrious, diligent, skillful

BUFFALO: Prophesy, fulfillment of prayers, prosperity

COYOTE: Trickster, laugh at their own mistakes

DEER: Grace, gratitude, sacrifice, wisdom

DOLPHIN: Guidance

EAGLE: Vision, higher truths, communication

FALCON: Power, harmony, intuitive

FOX: Cleverness, observant, loyalty

FROG: Rain and fertility fetish, happiness

HORSE: Power, prosperous, safe journey

LIZARD: Patience, wisdom

MOLE: Inward awareness, grounding

MOUSE: Messenger

MOUNTAIN LION: Leadership, personal power, agility

OWL: Protector of the home, wisdom

RABBIT: Gentleness, charm

RAM: Strength, force

RAVEN: Adept, clever, magic, intelligence

SNAKE: Ligtning, ability to transmute

SPIDER: Provider

SQUIRREL: Foresight, industrious

TURTLE: Self-Reliance, tenacity, longevity,health

WHALE: Power

WOLF: Teacher, guidance, loyalty, social, endurance,
problem solving, family devotion, leader

Shawl Painting


"We have drifted away
From the good Red Road, my friends.
It is time to head back
In your thinking."

Cindy Hicks-Orth

Wolf Pack